Friday, December 17, 2010


5 stars - A mystery that will be hard to put down

Made to look like an accident, no one bothers to seek a murderer. "The Big Show Stopper" is a mystery filled with unusual and offbeat characters surrounding the death of Brady Blackstone, a famed and popular concert performer. As two of his fans travel the country in search of the truth, they find quirks in every step of the law and find something quickly afoul with Brady's accident. "The Big Show Stopper" is a mystery that will be hard to put down.

- Midwest Book Review, December 3, 2010


5 stars - Smashing fun

Another fantastic romp with Pinky and the Bear. While Pinky slimes his way through legal proceedings and women, Bear and Flo search the garden spots of California for the killer of America's top County/Pop/Rock star. The dialogue is snappy and the images painted by the author and disturbingly hilarious. I won't spoil the review with details, you just have to buy the book! Still love the separate voices of Pinky and the Bear intermingled throughout the book. Pinky's intellectual smarminess works so well opposite Bear's street smarts. Throw Flo's brash personality into the mix, and you've got a dynamic trio that may just kill each other before the job is done.

- Wendy D. Maxham, November 17, 2010

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